Life Navigator Family Packet

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year – guaranteed to be a school year like no other in modern history.


Luminaria Learning Solutions, a non-profit program of the Giving Back Fund (EIN 04-3367888) founded by author and educator Ana Homayoun (, developed the Fall 2020 Life Navigator Family Packet with strategies for staying organized, managing distractions, setting up a study space, adapting to uncertainty, and maintaining overall wellness.

The Life Navigator Family Packet is based on nearly two decades of work with middle school and high school students on their organization and time management skills. It was originally developed as a supplement to Luminaria Learning’s Life Navigator Middle School Program, and its aim is to equip students and families with tools and resources for educational success in the 2020–2021 school year.

The resources and tools in this packet provide guidance on how to effectively navigate the three main learning models that schools are considering for the fall:

  • In-person: Students return to classes on school campuses, with schools implementing COVID-19 safety procedures.
  • Remote: Schooling remains entirely digital. Assignments, tests, and class meetings will be offered completely online.
  • Hybrid: Many schools are considering an approach that involves a combination of in-person and remote education. There are many variations, including students’ alternating between learning in the classroom and learning from their computers at home or a combination of students in a remote model with students in an in-person or hybrid model.

Note: These suggestions are based on research and years of work with thousands of students, families and school communities. At the same time, what works best for one community, one family, or one child might not work for another. Please remember to take what works and leave the rest. 

Remember: given the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, schools might shift between learning models as local situations change. It’s especially important, then, for students and families to find strategies for success that work in each model and across the various learning models.

All proceeds from sales of the Fall 2020 Life Navigator Family Packet benefit Luminaria Learning. Please note: the download is only available for one copy, and can not be shared or distributed.

All proceeds benefit Luminaria Learning Solutions, a non-profit program of the Giving Back Fund (EIN 04-3367888), a national 501c3 non-profit that supports middle school students with executive function skills.